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Nicolay Hammond
Major - Georgia State University Police Department
Brett Stanelle
Vice President
Chief of Police - Georgia College and State University Department of Public Safety
Laura Bennett
Chief of Police - Columbus State University Police Department
Sammy Stone
Chief of Police - South Georgia Technical College Police Department
Mark Lott
Immediate Past President
Chief of Police (Retired) - Columbus State University Police Department

Officers and Committees

2022 GACLEA Officers

Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs

  • Executive Committee – Mark Lott (Immediate Past President)
  • Legislative Committee – Rus Drew, Antonio Long, Greg Williams
  • Nominating and Awards Committee – Justin Gaines, Laura McCullough, Craig Watson
  • Membership Committee – Jasper Cooke, Sammy Stone, Ted McNeal
  • Publicity/Relations Committee – Brian Lawton, Sonja McCulloch, Valerie Dalton
  • Goals and Objectives Committee – Shawn Douglas, John Fields, Jeff Mason
  • Technology Committee – Ethan Johnson, Brian Lawton, Antonio Long, Michael Stapleton
  • Constitution & Bylaws Committee – Craig Watson, Jasper Cooke, Roger Stearns
  • IACLEA Rep – Jasper Cooke, Craig Watson, Rob Connolly
  • GACP Rep – Rus Drew, Antonio Long, Mark Lott