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Who is Eligible?

The administrators of the law enforcement or security function of every institution of higher education in Georgia are eligible for membership. Such institutions include colleges, universities, two-year colleges, technical schools above the secondary level, teaching hospitals, seminaries and all other institutions of higher education requiring at least two years of academic credit. Branches of parent institutions which have separate geographic locations are also eligible.

Institutions which do not have law enforcement or security functions established are entitled to membership. That member should be an administrative officer who has responsibility for the protection of life and property on campus.

Classifications of Membership

  • Institutional Member (IM). The senior administrator responsible for the law enforcement function. Each institution can only have one IM.
  • Active Institutional Member (AIM). Administrator/manager responsible for a law enforcement function. Each institution can only have one AIM.
  • Associate Member (AM). Administrator/manager responsible for an administrative function. An institution can have an unlimited number of AMs. Associate members are non-voting members.
  • Honorary Member. Honorary membership may be granted to any individual who has worked diligently to promote the standards and purposes of the association.
  • Supporting Member. Membership granted to those professions other than law enforcement who support the standards, ideals and purposes of the association